Digital Surge Review

Based in Brisbane, Digital Surge are passionate about using technology to simplify cryptocurrency. They have built their platform from the ground up with a focus on simplicity and ease of use. Digital Surge offers instant account verification and deposits, allowing crypto newcomers to acquire BTC within minutes.


Based in Brisbane


Fast sign-up


Local Exchange



What is Digital Surge ?

Digital Surge provides a uniquely easy way to buy, sell and store crypto in Australia. With an emphasis on simplicity, their newly renovated platform makes crypto as enjoyable and easy-to-understand as possible. Renowned for their low fees, competitive spreads and personalised customer-support, Digital Surge is an excellent choice for beginners and traders of all levels.

  • - Transparent fee structure
  • - A mobile-friendly interface designed for simplicity & everyday use
  • - Fast sign-up and verification process
  • - Customer funds held offline in cold storage
  • - Over 220+ cryptocurrencies, giving you one of the widest selection of coins in Australia
  • - Credit card transactions not supported
  • - Lacks advanced trading features

Account Registration and Verification Process

Account registration and verification process steps as below

Why Digital Surge ?

As an exchange it uses intelligent technology to deliver the best pricing and spreads available. All trading is paired back to AUD, keeping things simple allowing you to focus on your trades. This allows Digital Surge to provide their users with the best price, spread, fees, and experience available in Australia.

Instant AUD Deposit

Digital Surge uses online payments method which are deposited instantly and are fee-free.

Instant Withdrawals

Withdrawn AUD instantly deposited to your Australian Bank Account.

Popular coins

A wide range of popular coins to buy and sell.

Pay Bills

Pay any Australian utility bills from BTC balance within your Digital Surge Account.


Digital Surge is local Exchange located in Brisbane complying with Australia’s new AML/CTF laws enforced by AUSTRAC.


98% of customer funds are stored offline in cold storage and 2-Step verification is required for any fiat or digital currency withdrawal.

Brisbane Based-

Digital Surge Basic Details

Digital Surge

Product Type:
Australian Cryptocurrency Exchnage

Brisbane, Australia

Fiat Currencies Available:

Cryptocurrencies Available:
Bitcoin + 220 other Cryptocurriences


Digital Surge History

It started with a simple question: “Why is it so complex to purchase cryptocurrency” That started their journey on building Digital Surge. Dan & Josh are good friends and have been working together for six years helping businesses with their IT needs. ‍ Dan co-founded Digital Surge to provide a fast and easy way for Australians to access digital currency. Dan has spent over 15 years working in the IT industry and knows first hand that technology doesn't need to be complicated. Dan is completing his MBA at the University of Queensland and has a passion for using technology to simplify daily life. Before co-founding Digital Surge, Josh spent over 10 years working in the IT industry building up technical teams, designing and implementing IT solutions and effectively managing clients projects on time and to budget. Josh also has a strong interest in IT security and is certified as a penetration tester.

The Wallet

Digital Surge is typically an easy to use cryptocurrency wallet. Perhaps that’s also one of the major advantages of the wallet; even a novice or a beginner in the cryptocurrency trading world can use the wallet.You can buy a range of about 220++ different blockchain assets in this wallet by just choosing the asset you want to buy or sell and clicking a simple button after choosing how much you want to buy or sell.

Some of the Digital Surge wallet features are

  • Instant Buy of the Coin
  • Instant Sell of the Coin
  • Easy deposit and withdrawl money
  • Secure trading and transaction

Digital Surge Features

Some of the Digital Surge Exchange Features are

Only Available on Digital Surge

Unique Features which is only availble on Digital Surge

PAY your BILL With Bitcoin

Pay any Australian bill or credit card that has a BPAY biller code with Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. Digital Surge bill payment system is backed by a full exchange and order book, allowing currency transactions to be processed internally without being outsourced to third parties. Digital Surge is the secure and simple solution, that saves time and reduces the friction of paying your bills with Bitcoin. Its a practical way of utilising Bitcoin in the real world.

Fast Sign Up and Verification

Digital Surge have partnered with Australia Posts Digital ID for their ID verification services. This is a really easy process that allows you to be fully verified in a matter of minutes.If you have problems verifying online for any reason, then you can complete the verification process in person at any Australia Post Office.

Keeping you protected

Security is serious. Digital Surge are committed to protecting your info. Their security measures include, but are not limited to:

  • - 98% of customer funds are stored offline in cold storage
  • - 2-Step verification is required for any fiat or digital currency withdrawal
  • - Their website traffic runs entirely over encrypted SSL (HTTPS)
  • - All passwords are hashed and salted in the database
  • - Application credentials are kept separate from database and code base
  • - All Digital Surge employees must pass a criminal background check as part of the hiring process
  • - Secure server and closed network environments
  • - Management of access privileges, to ensure that only those who really need it can see your personal information
  • - Ongoing training and security reviews

Digital Surge Fees and Payment Method

The payment methods Digital Surge support are Osko/PayID and POLi Pay. You can choose which is the best payment method for your circumstances. Unfortunately Digital Surge cannot facilitate purchases with Credit Cards due to the high risk of fraud associated with these transactions.

Trade Fees

The trading fees start at 0.75% and reduce based on your rolling 30 day trade volume. Your trading volume is calculated every 4 hours.

Trading Fee % 30 Day AUD Volume
0.75% $10,000
0.7% <$40,000
0.6% <$70,000
0.5% <$100,000
0.4% <$200,000
0.3% <$400,000
0.2% <$800,000
0.15% <$1,500,000
0.1% >$1,500,000

Withdrawal Fees

Digital Surge don't charge any fees for any AUD withdrawals. When sending coins to an external wallet, you will be charged a standard network transaction fee. The fees for each coin will vary based on how busy the network is. The current fee is displayed when withdrawing a coin.

Deposit Fees

Cryptocurrency and PayID deposits are free. POLi deposit fees start at $2 and are capped at $3.30.

Frequently Asked Question

Some of the FAQ regarding Digital Surge Exchange

Digital Surge allows users to buy and sell bitcoin and 220+ other cryptocurrencies

Digital Surge accepts Osko/PayID and POLi Pay

Yes, Digital Surge offer 2FA. Every trading account at Digital Surge allows 2FA to be enabled.

Instantly for PayID and POLi Pay.

No, Digital Surge doesn't have this facility.

You’ll need to log into your Digital Surge account, open the Pay Wizard and choose from one of three options:

  • - Pay BPAY bill
  • - Pay to credit card
  • - Pay to bank account

Then it’s a matter of entering your bill details and transferring the necessary funds from your Digital Surge wallet.

Bitcoin and other 220+ crypto.